SNL Podcast and Rich Picks the SNL Sketch of The Week: Melissa McCarthy

An SNL two-fer this week!  First up, Rob Cesternino and I recorded a new podcast breaking down the Melissa McCarthy episode of Saturday Night Live.  There was a lot to cover, from Dennis Rodman in the intro to Peter Dinklage as Drunk Uncle's brother in law, Peter Drunkalage.  Rob and I create the first SNL Power Rankings of Weekend Update correspondents.  As a bonus, Rob and give our take on NBC's late night shuffle, and how these moves could affect SNL!

Listen to the podcast here:

SNL Podcast: Recapping Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live

Rich Picks The SNL Sketch of The Week

Not everyone wants to spend 90 minutes watching Saturday Night Live in its entirety.  Each week, I’m posting my favorite sketch of each episode, so you can just catch the best of SNL..

This week’s show:  Melissa McCarthy

The Sketch of the week: Pizza Eating Business

Why?  Late in this week's show was a great character piece from our guest host. Melissa McCarthy plays Barb Kellner, a woman trying to get a bank loan from Jason Sudeikis to open her pizza eating business.  Wonderfully silly, this is a great performance from McCarthy, who shows she could easily be a cast member on the show. 

If this post-update sketch seems too well-written for a show that's put together in six days, you're right.  Rob Cesternino and I did some digging, and found that this sketch was a centerpiece of The Groundling's 2006, when McCarthy was part of the cast.  I love that MM is willing to bring some of her sketch work from The Groundlings to SNL.  

If you didn't see it on Saturday night, check it out here. "I have a pen!!"

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