Rich Picks the SNL Sketch of the Week: Martin Short

Not everyone wants to spend 90 minutes watching Saturday Night Live in its entirety.  Each week, I’m posting my favorite sketch of each episode, so you can just catch the best of SNL.


This week’s show:  Martin Short

The Sketch of the week: Royal Family Doctor

Why: It's great when I have to pick a sketch on a night where there was a lot to like.  Everything worked to varying degrees Saturday night (my personal feelings regarding What Up With That aside). The sketch that felt the most solid all the way around was the Royal Family Doctor.  It had the best mix of ingredients for great SNL comedy: an SNL Alum playing a broad character with an over the top performance, Bill Hader trying not to laugh at something actually funny, and comedy lists (EX: Acceptable names for the Kate Middleton's private parts - "Her Dowton Abbey", "Dame Judy Dench", "Piccadilly Cervix", and "Thomas' English Muffin."  If you forgot how great Martin Short is at comedy, this sketch is a great reminder.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

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