Rich Picks the SNL Sketch of the Week: Justin Bieber

Not everyone wants to spend 90 minutes watching Saturday Night Live in its entirety.  Each week, I’m posting my favorite sketch of each episode, so you can just catch the best of SNL..

This week’s show:  Justin Bieber

The Sketch of the week: Glice


Why: This week's SNL gave me a true case of Bieber Fever, and by that, I mean 90 minutes of sweating, shivering, headache, muscle aches and loss of appetite.  Not a lot to get excited by Saturday Night. This week I picked a sketch that is not always laugh out loud funny, but it does give us a rare over-the-top performance from Taran Killam.   TK has spent a good bit of this season playing more subdued characters like Piers Morgan, so it was really fun to see him let loose and commit 125% to this annoying, older brother character.  Enjoy a fun post-Update sketch that has it's roots in a Chris Farley-van-down-by-the-river performance.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

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