Rich Picks the SNL Sketch of the Week: Jamie Foxx

Not everyone wants to spend 90 minutes watching Saturday Night Live in its entirety.  Each week, I’m posting my favorite sketch of each episode, so you can just catch the best of SNL.

This week’s show:  Jamie Foxx

The Sketch of the week: Ding Dong


Why:  Because there was not a lot to choose from.  In a tougher-to-sit-through episode, one of the few bright spots was Jamie Foxx on Weekend Update, playing a Ding Dong snack cake commenting on the Hostess bankruptcy.  Yes, it's just a string of race jokes (chocolate=african american.  Get it???).  But it was probably the tightest written piece of the night, with the In Living Color alum only over-hamming by a reasonable 20%.   And, yes, you will spend the next 10 minutes with the "ding... dong..." song in your head!

BTW, a shout out to the SNL Wardrobe/Props team for throwing together a credible "Ding Dong" costume in a few days. (Unless I'm forgetting Wayne Gretzky playing a hockey puck when he hosted in 1989)

If you didn’t see it this weekend, check it out now: