Rich Picks The SNL Sketch of The Week: Anne Hathaway

Not everyone wants to spend 90 minutes watching Saturday Night Live in its entirety.  Starting this week, I’m posting my favorite sketch of each episode, so you can just catch the best of SNL.

This week’s show:  Anne Hathaway

The Sketch of the week: The Legend of Mokiki and The Sloppy Swish

Why:  In my 2011 post 5 Simple Steps to Fix Saturday Night Live, I recommended more pre-recorded segments beyond the tired Digital Short franchise.  This season, without Andy Samberg in the cast, SNL has taken my advice and done some really interesting work.  This week brought us Mokiki.  Is it hilarious?  No.  It's weird, creepy, interesting and addictive.  It has a slow build to something very satisfying.    Watch it once, have the song stuck in your head for hours.

If you didn’t see it this weekend, check it out now:

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