Have Amazon Ship Anything For Free to Your Secure, Private Mailbox

When I buy products online, I don’t mind the shipping options, but I have a big problem with the receiving.  If I’m buying a product on Amazon, where do I have it sent? 


I could have boxes shipped to my apartment, but my wife and I both work full time jobs.  That means my package sits on display in front of my door all day, begging to be stolen by one of my shifty neighbors.

I could have items shipped to my office, but if my order is delivered on Saturday, I’m out of luck.  Even on a weekday, I’m screwed when the office manager with the mailbox key is out sick.

I could have packages delivered to a Mailboxes Etc., UPS or to a Post Office box.  But then I’m paying for the convenience.  Not an option.

I want a secure place for my deliveries.  A place where the package is always going to be accepted because there is always someone available to sign for my packages.  A place far away from my co-workers, family and friends so I don’t have to be judged by my often silly purchases.   A place available to me 24/7, so I can grab my goods when I’m available - late at night and weekends.  And it all has to be for free

So what’s the Rich Fix?

Amazon launched their “Amazon Locker” program late last year and no one seems to have noticed.  That’s a shame.  It’s pretty, pretty cool.

Amazon Locker.jpg

Amazon has been installing secure lockers in 3rd party stores like Staples, supermarkets and 7-Elevens all over the country.  When buying on their site, Amazon Locker is now a shipping option.  When I am buying something on Amazon and I need to pick a shipping address, I choose the Amazon locker closest to my home.  For me, that’s the 7-Eleven down the block.

No longer am I clicking on tracking numbers to figure out where my box is!  When the package has been delivered to my Amazon Locker, I get an email notification.  My delivery is waiting in a store that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.   On my way home from work, I pop into 7-Eleven, silently pass the two creepy guys who work there, type my secure code into the Amazon Locker’s touchscreen, and a door opens.  Magic.  My package is mine.  On my way out of the 7-Eleven, I pick up a fresh pack of gum for six dollars and I’m back on my way home.  

Using Amazon Locker, I can pick up my order at 3am on a Saturday.  There’s no awkward conversation with anyone about the twelve pack of antiperspirant I just received.   If an order is taking longer than I thought, I don’t have to worry that my package was delivered and then stolen.  It’s damn-near perfect. 

I’ve honed my Rich Fix so that I get free shipping on every order.   Amazon’s “FREE Super Saver Shipping” applies to packages being delivered to Amazon Lockers.

But “FREE Super Saver Shipping” is only available when an order is over $25. I have one word for you:  Toner. 

I created a list of supplies that I know I always need but never remember to buy.  Toner.  AA batteries.  Toothpaste.  Pens.  Shampoo.  Sponges.   Now, when I’m buying the new John Irving novel on Amazon for $13, I quickly add a toner cartridge from my list.  The order is now over $25, and the shipping of the book and the toner to my Amazon Locker is free. 

Check out the magic of Amazon Locker for yourself.  Let me know what you think.  You’ll have to post on the blog, because the service is so discreet, no one else will know you tried it.  And that’s kind of the point.