Tomorrow's New TV Tasted Today: ABC's "Suburgatory"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Wednesday, Sept 28th at 8:30pm:


ABC's "Suburgatory"  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Ice Blended Mocha


My Recommendation: Drink!

If you like to sip your calories, Suburgatory will be a tasty addition to the Wednesday night lineup. Sweet and creamy with a little caffeine kick, Suburgatory is about a high-schooler from Manhattan transplanted to the generic suburbs with her single dad. There she finds the horrors of suburbia to be worse than big city life. Some of the suburban hell moments are the whipped cream of this Ice Blended: Tasty in small doses, but not really satisfying. But the show overall promises to satisfy. Jeremy Sisto is a great actor in a different role for him (If only I can get past the goatee. Did they shoot the pilot in 2003?)

If Suburgatory is successful, expect to see a lot of Frappuccinos on next year s TV schedule. (Frappuccinos are Starbucks watery, too sweet rip-off of the Coffee Bean s Ice Blended.) For now check out the original. The only thing I love more than the Ice Blended Mocha is the Dark Forest Ice Blended, which is an Ice Blended with cherries and chocolate covered expresso beans mixed in. And by Dark Forest Ice Blended, I'm of course referring to "Modern Family." 

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