Tomorrow's TV Tasted Today: The CW's "Hart of Dixie"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Monday, Sept 26th at 8:00pm:


The CW's "Hart of Dixie"
Cotton Candy


My Recommendation: Don't Bite!

Here’s the thing about cotton candy, yes it’s fun to eat and super sweet, but cotton candy doesn’t have any actual flavor.  “Hart of Dixie” tastes the same.  

Rachel Bilson plays a new doctor who begrudgingly moves from the big city to Small Town, USA.  Beyond that logline, the characters and the plot look somewhat generic.  I’m not even sure what kind of show “Hart of Dixie” even wants to be; a nighttime soap, a medical drama, or a lighthearted dramedy.  

Like cotton candy, there’s nothing more in “Hart of Dixie” to sink my teeth into.  There is no substantive center to cotton candy, just a paper stick.  I think the show wants to be a new take on “Doc Hollywood” and “Northern Exposure”, but feels more like “Gossip Girl, MD.” 

But the show is legitimately sweet.  If you’re in the mood for some empty calories after a hard day of work, “Hart of Dixie” will satisfy your sweet tooth, just not your taste buds.


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