Tomorrow's TV Tasted Today: Fox's "Terra Nova"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Monday, Sept 26th at 8:00pm:


Fox's "Terra Nova" Carl's Jr Steakhouse Burger


My Recommendation: Bite!

Here’s a show I’m really looking forward to taking a bite of.  The premise of “Terra Nova” is – you know what, forget the premise.  Think “Jurassic Park the Series” and you basically got it.

“Terra Nova” tastes like a big, juicy Carl’s Jr. Steakhouse Burger.  Meaty, greasy, flavorful… and a little bit of cheese.  But if you’re looking for really good fast food, check it out.   

There’s a thousand ways to screw up the taste of a burger, and this show avoids most of them.  For what it is, it’s very well done.  Just don’t confuse a Steakhouse Burger with an actual steak.  “Terra Nova” goes best with french fries, not a baked potato.  Go ahead, take a bite and make a mess!


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