Tomorrow's TV Tasted Today: NBC's "Prime Suspect"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Thursday, Sept 22nd at 10:00pm:


NBC's "Prime Suspect" Porridge


My Recommendation: Bite!

Porridge is a lot like oatmeal.  Actually, oatmeal is a specific kind of porridge (Like “bourbon” is to “whiskey”).  Porridge is a tasty and filling meal.  With the right toppings, it can also be sweet.    

So why don’t more people in America eat one of Britian's favorite breakfasts?  Because it’s kind of depressing.  “Prime Suspect” tastes like a filling, satisfying bowl of British series import, with bits of sweetness mixed it.  But it also has that depressing aura around it.

I say “bite,” but don’t expect to be smiling after the meal.

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