Tomorrow's New TV Tasted Today: CBS' "Person of Interest"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Thursday, Sept 22nd at 9:00pm:


CBS' "Person of Interest

Deconstructed Mac and Cheese



My Recommendation: Bite!

Molecular Gastronomists (a fancy term for “food scientist”) have deconstructed the classic macaroni and cheese.  Using advanced cooking techniques, the macaroni is made out of the cheese.  The result is a rich and creamy taste that is both new and familiar.

“Person of Interest” has a taste that is both new and familiar.  The plot: By using sophisticated data mining techniques, an elite group tries to predict and stop crimes before they happen.  Instead of “Who Done It?”, it’s “Who Will Do It?” A deconstructed procedural.

One of the reasons I love deconstructed macaroni and cheese is because I like the taste of any macaroni and cheese dish – constructed, deconstructed, or reconstructed.  It’s a twist on the taste of a procedural, but it still tastes like a procedural.  So, if you don’t like the taste of procedurals, you might not want to sample this show.   But if you’re like me and you’re a little bored by the Kraft variety of mac and cheese, this twist might wake up your taste buds.

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