Tomorrow's New TV Tasted Today: NBC's "Whitney"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Thursday, Sept 22nd at 9:30pm:


NBC's "Whitney" Popcorn Being Popped


My Recommendation: Let the popcorn cool a little, then bite!

It seems like TV critics don’t like the taste of the first episode of NBC’s new comedy, “Whitney.”  To me, it tastes like popcorn that hasn’t finished popping yet.   It’s very frenetic: Corn is still popping, unpopped kernels are still sitting at the bottom, and the oil coating the popcorn is still too hot.   Once “Whitney” settles down, it’ll be a tasty treat.  Yes, at it’s best, it might only be a snack, but one I would really enjoy.  

If you’re a big fan of sitcoms, DVR tomorrow night’s show.  If not, set the DVR now for NEXT Thursday night, after the popcorn settles down a bit. 

NOTE: A number of reviews have taken shots at the show, saying it’s just Whitney Cummings standing on stage, basically performing her stand up routine.  While that may be true, I remember another sitcom that was very guilty of the same thing: the original “Cosby Show” pilot.  Not such a bad model to follow.

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