Tomorrow's New TV Tasted Today: The CW's "Ringer"

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Monday, Sept 19th at 8pm:1


The CW's "Ringer" Easy Bake Oven Cakes


My Recommendation: Don't Bite!2

Cakes made in an Easy Bake Oven aren't satisfying.  They're not very tasty.  But we love them because of the child who made them for us.  The CW's "Ringer" tastes the same.  I appreciate the effort Sarah Michelle Geller (SMG) puts into the role. Actually “roles.”

SMG plays 2 roles; identical twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan.  Bridget is the troubled stripper on the run. Siobhan is the wealthy but treacherous married socialite.  When Siobhan kills herself, Bridget pretends to be Siobhan.  No one in Siobhan’s life figures this out.

Yes, really.  I can taste the immaturity in every scene. But the weird aftertaste isn’t coming from the silly premise.  It isn’t even watching Bridget pretending to be Siobhan. It’s watching Sarah Michelle Geller playing Siobhan, the ruthless, scheming villain.  SMG trying to play Joan Collins feels more like a kid playing dress up.  Sarah Michelle is handing me an Easy Bake cake, thinking it’s a winner from “Top Chef: Just Desserts.”  It’s not even close, but I still love the effort.  So I recommend “don’t bite,” with one caveat: if you do decide to watch, the hour goes by very quickly.

1 The CW is reairing the pilot which had previously run last week.

2 This is one of the few new fall shows i've actually seen before writing this TV Tasting.

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