Tomorrow's New TV Tasted Today: CBS’ “Two Broke Girls”

If you could bite into a TV show, what would it taste like?


Tasting for Monday, Sept 19th at 9pm:


CBS' "Two Broke Girls" Girl Scouts' Thin Mint cookies


My Recommendation: Bite!

When I bite into my first Thin Mint cookie every year, it’s always a letdown.  It’s nothing special.  But I eat a 2nd one anyway.  By the 5th cookie, I remember why I love them so much.   

I expect “Two Broke Girls” to go down the same way.  Watch the first episode. Don’t expect nougat, crème filling or icing.  But there will be something about Kat Denning that will make us come back. I bet we all sample the 2nd episode.  Producer Michael Patrick King’s writing could really start to grow on us.  I could see us all really digging this show by the time we’re finishing the first sleeve.

(A sleeve is the suggested serving size of Thin Mint cookies, right?)

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