Was It Better To Have Loved and Lost?

Dear Lost,

I miss you.  I loved you.  I hate you.  You've ruined TV.

I thought we ended things so well in May.  Real emotional closure.  I even cried as we said goodbye.  Doesn’t that show emotional growth?

Now I’m seeing The Event on NBC.  It’s a “mythology” bases series, just like you were. It was even marketed as “the next Lost.”  Yes, it reminds me of you.  That should be a good thing, but it’s not.

Why?  Because when I think about our breakup, I realize how mad it made me.  There really wasn’t any closure at all.  You strung me along for years with all these questions and then you didn’t answer any of them.  I feel burned.  Cheated.  You used me.  Why do I want to put myself though that again?  The Event is only going to disappoint me, just like you did.  The mythology isn’t going to live up to the hype.  The mythology never lives up to the hype.

And that’s what I don’t want to accept - the real myth in “mythology” driven shows is that these series will have a satisfying end.

I've gotten sucked in before you, Lost.  But in the past, I've been smart enough to get out before it was too late:

  • “Who killed Laura Palmer?”  When I didn't find out by the 1st season finale, I pulled the plug.
  • “The truth is out there.”  I stuck with The X-Files for a long time, longer than even David Duchovny.  But the “truth” was that the producers were making it up week to week, so I left.
  • “Save the cheerleader, save the world.”  It was great fun, until the cheerleader was saved.  Then what?  The mythology of Heroes was nothing more than a family tree that badly needed pruning.

Lost, you may think you took the high road with your heady finale, but what you really did was burn the mythology bridge behind you as you slipped out on ABC.

I can’t do it again.  I’ve got to walk away from The Event before I get sucked in.  And unfortunately for the networks, I don’t think I’m alone.   Whether the audience realizes it or not, I think we’re all burned by Lost, and it’s affecting the ratings of this season.

I don’t have to stick around to find out the answer to the central question, “What is The Event?” because I already know the answer.  “The Event” is “cancellation.”

Oh, Lost, I still don’t regret the time we spent together.  You were still one of my favorite shows of this decade.  But shame on you for not giving me satisfying answers in the finale.  And shame on me for thinking there was any way you could.




Dear Network Development Executives,

Let me tell you something you’re not going to hear in focus groups or tracking studies.  We, the audience think we want the next


, but we don’t.  Not yet.  I’ve been told it takes almost half the time of a relationship to really get over it. 


lasted seven seasons, so I’d recommend holding off on any mythology shows for another two.   By fall of 2013, I’ll be ready to start seeing the next


.  Until then, save your development dollars.  Trust me.



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