Play it Forward

A simple suggestion to DVR functionality that would make a world of difference.

Hey DVR makers, listen up!

(You too, TIVO. You're usually the golden child, but not today)

When I’m done watching a show I’ve recorded on one of your boxes, I always get two choices:

  • Delete recording
  • Don’t delete recording.

(Plus, on a TIVO, a chance to watch a Lexus commercial)

How about adding a little extra functionality here? How about:

  • Record upcoming episodes of the show you just finished watching
  • Watch another episode already recorded

Now this is important, because this is the singular moment in time when I’m going to be most interested in watching upcoming episodes. I live this moment, love a new show, but then to record another episode, I have to go through some complicated menu spelling the name of the show, or remembering the day, time, and channel.

With DVR functionality, that’s exactly what I SHOULDN’T have to do.

Added functionality means added reliance on a DVR, so it’s good for you guys. It means I’m more likely to give a new show more of a chance, so it’s good for the industry. And you have the technology already built into your box.

Do I have to think of everything?

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