Welcome Back, Writers

TVgirl and I have been catching up on the scripted shows that are back from the Writer’s strike hiatus. We’ve been looking forward more than most, but have been dumbfounded by what we’ve seen.

As a fan, I assumed that while these writers were on strike, they were secretly writing scripts in their bookshelves-filled-with-graphic-novels home offices. Or at least they were letting their comedy minds percolate while on the strike lines and playing guitar hero.

Evidentially, that’s not the case. I guess, getting back to writing is more akin to me going back to the gym after 6 months. I’m all gung-ho, but I can’t lift shit and I’m out of breath just programming the elliptical.

So, out of the gate, the returning comedies and dramas have been pretty stiff. I won’t mention names here, you know who you are.

Note to the writers: Start stretching before you write, try a low carb diet and get a good nights’ sleep. I


you to be in fighting shape before working on the next script. Please.

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