Why a TV Blog?

It’s not really a question of whether I’m going to rant or not. It’s just a matter of who I am going to rant to. I am writing this blog so my wife doesn’t have to endlessly hear it. I wish I had a water cooler surrounded by very tech savy television fanatics who could effect change in the entertainment industry, but I don’t. So I’m hoping to find that posse here on the net.

I know there are 70 million blogs. I’d be happy with a community of 5 people. As long as it’s the right 5.

I don’t think I’m the smartest guy in the room. Well, it depends on the room. But I’ve got just shy of 40 years of experience playing with the convergence of technology nad television, so that gives me some interesting insights. I think some people need to hear them.

I think some people can really profit from hearing my thoughts. I think there are a lot of really smart people in television and technology, who need that little inspiration, that unique perspective to inspire them to do something great. I’d like to be that voice.

I’m the Reality TV of the industry. I don’t come in to this with any of the respect of comedies and dramas. I don’t have the budgets of scripted tv. But I have a unique voice and interesting perspective that the right audience wants to hear. My presence could change the TV landscape.

Other than being a good husband, nothing would make me prouder than to one day be in a position to improve the TV experience for the millions of viewers. When I die, I want to be in the eulogy clip package at the Emmy awards, even if most of America says, “I didn’t know the sidekick on “˜Curb Your Enthusiasm’ died!”

So, why start blog number 70,000,000,001?

Because I can’t not.

This is too important to me. If I scream into the void without anyone hearing, that’s okay. Because the act of shouting IS the catharsis.

If you’ve read this far, chances are you agree with me.

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