About Me

I had 3 VCRs before my first car. I had my first computer before my first kiss from a girl (an Apple IIc, for those keeping score at home.) I got my first TiVo by winning a TiVo essay contest called, “Why I love TiVo.” My two favorite magazines are “Wired” and “Entertainment Weekly.”

I have been creating content and working with people who create content on all platforms for most of my adult life, starting in 1995, when online actually was new media. For the last seven years, I have been a consultant for a Management Consulting company that specializes in Executive Placement for Media and Entertainment.

If you want to see my full background and resume, check out my rundown on Linkedin

Here are 10 random facts about me:

  1. If you are talking to me while a television is on in the same room, I am not paying attention to you.
  2. Technology isn’t going to fix what is wrong with me, but it will hopefully make life more bearable in the interim.
  3. My definition of nirvana – being in a state of complete comfort, total engagement, pure enjoyment and maximum efficiency.
  4. The only thing I love more than watching good TV is talking about it afterward.
  5. I will submit myself to huge amounts of short-term inconvenience in the hope of long-term convenience. 
  6. My dream car is one that, when parked, the steering wheel collapses and is replaced by a laptop desk.
  7. I believe comedy is equal parts science and magic.
  8. Life is better in comfortable shoes.
  9. I hate being told I’m wrong.
  10. If it ain’t broke, you ain’t looking hard enough.

Oh, and I hate people who say there is nothing good on TV.